These are NOT MAME ROMs! They are patches for people to do on there OWN games. So there are NO copyright issues here!

No EPROM Burner?? I can supply these files burnt into EPROMS for a small fee + postage.

I CAN also sell these games with update EPROMS already inside!

Marshal Masters 

27C322 EPROM Needed. Replace one chip "U9" only to the English version. I have personally used this rom. So i know it works!

Bee Storm

A customer has tested this. And it works on a REAL cart!. You will need a 27C160 EPROM. Replace the chip at "U8".

Knights of Valour 2 Nine Dragons

27C322 EPROM Needed. Replace one chip "U8". It makes more of the game in English.. but not all of it. I have tested this file and it works fine!



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