Here are "Fluffs" brand new "Cave" shooter PCBs. As a lot of people know, Cave used the PGM system for 3 dedicated PCB games. "Do Donpachi Dai-ou-jou",  "Espgaluda" and "Ketsui". These original PCBs cost anywhere from $2000 AUD and above!!
This makes these games inaccessible to most people unless you want to sell a car to buy them! So the ROMs have been converted off the original PCBs and built into cartridge form.
These PCBs use those files in EPROMS to build a reproduction cart of your very own!

More info on Arcade Project Forum

I have also done a few YouTube videos about Fluffys PCBs as well...

Monthly Tech Video 01: Parts you will need to build "Fluffys" CAVE Shooter replacement PCB

Monthly Tech Video 02: Building "Fluffys" CAVE Shooter replacement PCBs

Monthly Tech Video 05: Finishing "Fluffys" PGM Cave shooter PCBs!

"Fluffys" Cave Shooter PCBs latest revision update Video 

Quick review of "Fluffy's" Replacement PGM PCBs to make CAVE shooter games

Guide to troubleshooting issues with Fluffys PCBs on AP Forum Written by "Fluffy" himself. Very handy!! 



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