Here are "Fluffs" brand new "Cave" shooter PCBs. As a lot of people know, Cave used the PGM system for 3 dedicated PCB games. "Do Donpachi Dai-ou-jou",  "Espgaluda" and "Ketsui". These original PCBs cost anywhere from $2000 AUD and above!!
This makes these games inaccessible to most people unless you want to sell a car to buy them! So the ROMs have been converted off the original PCBs and built into cartridge form.
These PCBs use those files in EPROMS to build a reproduction cart of your very own!

More info on Arcade Project Forum

I have also done a few YouTube videos about Fluffys PCBs as well...

Monthly Tech Video 01: Parts you will need to build "Fluffys" CAVE Shooter replacement PCB

Monthly Tech Video 02: Building "Fluffys" CAVE Shooter replacement PCBs

Monthly Tech Video 05: Finishing "Fluffys" PGM Cave shooter PCBs!

Quick review of "Fluffy's" Replacement PGM PCBs to make CAVE shooter games


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