IGS Has released 8 classic PGM games for the Nintendo Switch!

The game pack should be available on all Nintendo shops now (Even AU). See the link below.


My Switch battery is dead. So I can't test them yet, Bu I hope to soon as I get it fixed.

The pack uses Mame roms and the FB Neo Emulator to run the games.

There is some great Art included with the game that i hope to share on my page soon.

Games Include,

Knights of Valour: Super Heroes
Knights of Valour Plus
Knights of Valour 2 - Nine Dragons
Oriental Legend
Oriental Legend Spooky
Martial Masters
Demon Front
The Gladiator

There is some really cool art that came with it. I hope to publish that here soon. Art is so hard to find. So I'm glad to share it! (BIG Thanks to IQ_132!)

Artwork is here

V 1.04