SONY CXK58257AM-10 Work Ram

EPSON 2B256SL-55 Work Ram

WAVEFRONT ICS2115 Sound Chip

NEC UPD6379 Sound DAC

NEC UPC844C Sound Op Amp

TOSHIBA 2SC1815HF  RGB Transistor (both in through hole and SMD in latter revisions) This is a fix for RGB issues

PHILIPS OM8383S Sound Amp

PHILIPS TDA1519A Datasheet Should be Compatible with PHILIPS OM8383S Sound Amp. Used in latter PGM boards. (So far I have NOT been able to find a real data sheet on the OM8383S)

ST 78L05 5V regulator that powers the Audio section (from 12V VCC rail)

WINBOND W24257AJ-8N  Z80 Ram / Video ram and Video Pallet ram

EM MICRO V3021  RTC Chip

HITACHI HD74HC132P  Logic chip for U12 and U11


ST M27C1024 Compatible EPROM chip for the BIOS Mask Rom. (U20)

BRILLIANCE SEMICONDUCTOR BS616LV1010EC-70  1MBit SRAM used in games that uses the ASIC27 (ARM7) as there CPU. So Demon Front, SVG, Bee Storm etc.. Rare to buy and VERY expensive.

SHARP LH28F640BFN  64MBit Flash chip used in some latter PGM games. VERY hard datasheet to find!

MXIC 26L6420  64MBit Flash used in later carts (with proper 5V to 3.3V level converters)

ST M59PW064  64MBit Flash

PHILIPS SEMI 74F32D  Logic chip U34

74LS04  U33   

ULN2004A  U2

SEIKO EPSON CORP SG531 OSCILLATORS  50.0000 MHz / 33.8688 MHz / 20.0000 MHz.

MITSUMI T518B  Transistor U21.

NEC-UPC29L33  3.3V Voltage Regulator U1 (Found in Game Carts as well).

SR140 (SK14)  Schottky Diode D1, D2 And D3

MOTOROLA MC68HC000FN20 Book 1, Main CPU 20MHz
MOTOROLA MC68HC000FN20 Book 2, Main CPU 20MHz

ZILOG Z0840008  Sound CPU 8MHz

RESISTOR PACK / NETWORK  Mostly 10K (9A103J) "RP" Config "A".

VOLUME WHEEL  16MM / 1K OHMs (I do sell replacement / drop in NEW wheels in small quantities for personal use)

MURATA RESISTOR NETWORK 1 "RGLD8M103J330J" "TYPE M" "RN" RSEC3 Comptable part, Still searching for original part datasheet.
MURATA RESISTOR NETWORK 2 "RGLD8M103J330J" "TYPE M" "RN" RSEC3 Comptable part, Still searching for original part datasheet.
RESISTOR / CAPTATOR NETWORK DIAGRAM  Resistors and Caps in the "RSEC3" Resistor packs.

DAILYWELL Spring Loaded toggle switch right angle

YD M CORP 8 Way "Piano" DIP Switch (Compatible DataSheet)

SEIKO EPSON SCI7810 3.3V Regulator

ST EPROMS DATA BOOK With the non released 27C640 / 27C642 EPROM



1994 Integrated Circuit Systems Data Book 


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