As some of you know I sell Pre-Modded and serviced PGM Motherboards!

These motherboard include:-

1. Full quality testing in both physical condition and operating condition. Know that you motherboard is in 100% working condition and will stay that way!
2. Full replacement of ALL capacitors with high quality / high temperature / low ESR "GOLD" capacitors! Factory caps are prone to leakage which kills the PCB. This totally removes this issue.
3. NO Battery Leakage Damage!! Factory Ni-Cad batteries leak and destroy the PCB. This is normally found in older revision of the pgm motherboards. I ONLY sell the newest revisions. Which removes this issue!
4. New Volume Wheel (If Needed). Stops the "pops" and "distortion" when adjusting the volume.
5. Stereo Sound Out Mod. With "GOLD" RCA jacks.
6. Proper coin cell battery mod. Original battery is designed to be charged by the motherboard. This stops this from happing to a coin cell battery.
7. Dual Wipe cartridge slot replacement. Helps to make better contact with all you game cartridges.

I ship these units all around the world. Cost is $300 AUD + POST. (2022)


Benn Writes: Ordered the PGM from Tim and knowing he had a love and care for the platform. What I received was a lovingly restored system which was fully tested, cleaned and recapped. The unit plays first time, every time and I can now enjoy some classic side scrolling beat and slash ‘em ups. The stereo sound mod is also very welcomed as was Tim’s connection with importing games for the unit. The price doesn’t cover the care and time put into the unit. Highly recommend the PGM, you won’t be disappointed in this uncommon arcade experience!

PlaYsiA Writes: Got in on "Batch 3" to get one of the refurbished PGMs. It arrived well packed and in great condition. The gold capacitor recap looks really good and my inspection didn't reveal any bad solder joints. The stereo sound via the RCA mod was good, no crackling or hissing. The unit looks great and there was obviously a lot of care put into cleaning it. Worked first time on my supergun, no complaints!

Robert Writes: Tim’s Pre-Modded PGM motherboard and Fluffy’s Cave PCBs service.

Recently, I was sent a Batch 3 pre-modded pgm motherboard and three populated sets of Fluffy’s pcbs built for each of the 3 Caver shooters developed for the platform.
Initially, I had bought 3 sets of Fluffy’s boards off him via the Arcade-Project’s forum. I had them for about a month before I sat down and watched Tim’s appearance on the Smokemonster channel. Tim discussed that he was in the process of selling pre-modded PGM motherboards. Checking his own YouTube channel Tim also had a video discussing Fluffy’s pcbs. I was late to the party but soon had the Fluffy pcbs in the mail to Tim in Australia. I also expressed interest in one of his pre-modded PGM motherboards. I confirmed a position in Batch 3.

Tim was very explicit that his standards to provide the best motherboards took time and that time increased due to COVID-19’s impact on international shipping and parts availability. I was fine with the wait and appreciated the transparency.
Tim kept in communication throughout the order process with options for the order and status updates. Via Tim’s Discord channel he made himself available for questions I had as the Fluffy pcb Arcade-Projects forum thread was updated with relevant comments.
Tim announced that my order had been processed and the package was sent. It arrived promptly surprising both of us. Tim’s enthusiasm for PGM preservation was evident in the care he took in packaging the box’s contents (anti-static bag for the motherboard, plenty of cushion, etc.). Everything arrived working and I quickly got to flipping the plastic pcb feet over on the motherboard, rotating the monitor, and plugging the motherboard into the supergun. All the Cave games Tim built worked as expected. I ended up going with donor carts donned with Smokemonster’s art on the game labels.

All in all, I am very happy with the condition of the motherboard and games. Tim’s workmanship is excellent. Because of the care, skill, and high quality parts Tim puts into the motherboard I am confident that it will perform for years to come.
I highly recommend that you give the PGM arcade system a try. There are some very interesting vs. fighters and beat em ups that I look forward to playing. Due to my experience with him, I hope to work with Tim in the future for the variety of services he provides.

Sincerely, Robert


I can build you proper games with Brand NEW PCBs from "Fluffy". NO running 3.3V chips with 5V I/O like all "Doggy" conversions out there..
NO donor cart has to be sacrificed to build these games!!
My cave shooters include a Genuine PGM case and after market professionally made cart stickers.

"Do Donpachi Dai-ou-jou",  "Espgaluda" or "Ketsui" are the 3 "Cave" games that can be built.

Price $375 AUD + POST EACH. (2022).


Can't find the games you really want?? Well I offer a "Game Hunting" service. Were I use my contacts to source game your looking for. Its a free service.. I don't charge anything for my time. Just a small deposit to go towards the first game i find.
Contact me via Email for more info.


I also keep a large selection of game carts in stock ready to be sold. Contact me for the game your looking for and cost.


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